Friday, December 31, 2010

A Channeled Message for 2011 from Eden, Joseph and Christ Consciousness.

Welcome, welcome, welcome! We are so excited to have you with us today. We have gathered our own energies together to better serve you all in this message for your coming year. There is so much that will be happening, so much that you will be able to DO. Everything is aligning in such a way, throughout the year, that the smallest intention to achieve will be answered almost immediately by an opportunity to put that intention into action and achievement. You can do anything you dream of, more so from this day forth than on any day before in your human history.
Do not be afraid. Do not be nervous. Do not fear omens or mistakes or misdeeds. All positive thought will be rewarded with positive potentialialty for manifestation, and all action incurred towards positive manifestation will be rewarded with achievement. Even the smallest signs must be heeded. Do not hesitate. Do not wonder if you are doing the right thing. DO NOT FEAR. Every action taken with joy and feelings of well-being, with truth and honor in your heart, will result in a better state of BE-ing in your reality. Every one. Every time. We promise that to you.
Those that are in tune with their emotional guidance system, with their higher selves or with god-source-divine-light, will have an easier time with this. They will see and feel and intuit what they need to do, and what they do not need to do, and they will not worry so much over every detail. Are you one of those who does not have clear access to your own guidance? We would suggest that before you go to sleep at night you ask for guidance, you ask to be shown paths without fear or entanglement, and that you may become attuned during this time to your higher self so that you may receive better, clearer guidance during your waking moments. Yes, it can be so easy. We promise you that your life IS meant to be that easy.
So many of you have been quietly waiting for your world to improve, for your leaders to catch up with the new generations and be ready to enact a more peaceful  worldview. To treat the world and all her inhabitants with greater grace and love. Well, we tell you that it is time. Your leaders are ready to hear you now. The world is ready to hear you. It is time to speak up, to stop “waiting on the world to change” as that singer John Mayer would say, and to start telling the world to change. Speak up, stop hiding your truth, stop hiding your light. Stop filtering your words for half of the world. Share your truth with everyone. You will be surprised to hear how many people around you have also been hiding their light-filled words, their truths. And when the truth is out, when you all have shared and spoken up and out, then the your world is going to shift with unimaginable speed to incorporate the changes that mass consciousness is truly yearning for.
This month of January will see a huge amount of light entering in the very first week, and again at the new moon of every month after. These will be the times to get clear on what you want, write it down, release it to the winds and let your life flow with ease and gentleness. We are all here helping you: all of source and creation is urging you to succeed, we are all sending love and joy your way, and we are all accessible to each of you for guidance and aid. Reach out, and let your light shine. You will not be disappointed!
You are blessed. You are loved. BE at peace, and be at one with all, for we are all one.
Eden, Joseph, and the Consciousness of ALL that IS Christos.

Friday, December 10, 2010

A channeled message for December 2010: Shifting, Processing, Your Physical Body and Feeling Well

Right now your bodies are all shifting tremendously. The physical vehicles which your soul pieces inhabit are processing all the muck and goof your physical reality, and releasing each little bit at a time. This is manifesting all around you as little colds, big colds, physical discomfort, brain fog and overall discomfort. Why now? Because you are moving on, up and out! The earth that you are on is not the one which your other pieces will incarnate on soon. Everything is changing. The earth is changing. Your bodies are changing. Time space reality is changing. Why is this so? Because YOU have willed it. It is time for a change. The reality you are living is not working well any more, you are surrounded by pollution and too many people, too much crowding and fighting and too few resources. So you are all helping your world to shift, through your wanting and your needing, through your creative energies which are the same as the one who created you, and you are all creating a NEW earth. But each virus, each cold, each little warped cell and gene in your body is the result of an energetic distortion from your old or current reality, and cannot be allowed to come with you to the new. So you must transmute these energies, you must “read” them and process them, and release them, and so you are all experiencing dead cell throw-offs, head aches and head colds as these things are brought up and out into your consciousness and then released. All will be well. The only things you can do to process these things in a more comfortable way is help your body’s physical elimination processes (drink more water, eat healthy unprocessed foods, pollute yourself less) and be happy. Yes, you heard us: do things that bring you joy, for when you are joy-FULL  your body and soul function at a higher, more efficient level. You are very , very blessed. We promise it is so. You are at the pinnacle of humanity right now, and reaching ever higher. Your higher selves are so happy with you all! Do not sweat the small stuff: do not fret over the wars and politics and little human things. Just be happy, do good, be well. Be of joy, light and love. That is all.

You are blessed.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

A channeled message for November 2010: There is Nothing to Fear

This month is all about fear. Fear to fight against, fear that others will try to conquer and fear that others will try to conquer you with. Do not be afraid! Fear is emerging on a mass conscious level so that you may all identify it, name it, and move on. A fear that is named loses much of its power. Release. Release. 

The time of joy is coming. Oh wait, no, the time of joy is here!   

Just let go of your fears and you will see it all spread before you like diamonds in the sky.

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Healing Books are on Sale all month!

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A channeled message for today, and the coming month of October 2010

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Today is a joyous day. The vibrations of much of your nation have been lifted in the past week, and now you are all beginning to feel better than you did all September. As the new moon approaches all negative energies are decreasing and the energy grid of your planet is healing. As the energy grid heals, as the ley lines become strong again, so can the planet itself heal. The scientists that have found that the ozone is poised to begin increasing again are just the beginning. New studies and discoveries will emerge over the coming year that will further bring new light and hope to your planet. All will be well. All IS well! How can you benefit from this healing energy? Align yourselves with your local ley lines. 

Image from "Magic, the Gathering"
Find your places of power. Sit in these places, and allow your own energy gridwork to benefit and be healed. Breathe in the energy, see it as a healing electric blue light, see it healing the gridwork of your being, the cellular makeup of your body, your organs, your breathe, your mind and soul. Feel your self infused and blessed with the energies of Source mind, Source love, Source be-ing. You are blessed!

Blessings, Eden

Monday, September 20, 2010

Feeling Stuck? You're not.

Dear Eden,
I feel like I'm stuck. What should I do?
Thanks, N.

Dearest N.,
Your question comes at a time when most of the world is feeling the same way. You are not stuck. We promise you. You are not where you are forever. Right now the energies of the world continue to build and grow, but at this point it is an internal process. You are developing the inner resources, the energetic vibration and the ideas you will need to leap forward when it is time.  We know you will not like to hear this (what human does?) but do nothing. Just be you. Do what makes you smile. Do what makes you laugh. Look at things that make you joy-full. Allow the goodness of life to fill you like a balloon. Don't make any major decisions for a few weeks. Allow your self time to think, to relax, to process and filter. All will be better, best, blessed.

For you ARE blessed with Source,

Friday, September 10, 2010

Epidote, a stone for balance and deliverance

Epidote will bring you the balance and serenity which so many are seeking. It helps you cool off tempers while strengthening your inner resources. A still river, it’s waters run deep: do not underestimate the power of epidote to carry you to new and exciting places in a short amount of time, safely and surely, it will deliver you.  ~ Eden

Epidote is also a stone of increase. Put it next to anything you want more of: your comupter, for work; a pile of money for more money; a house binder, for a house sale. Play with it!

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Friday, September 3, 2010

Holly Flower Essence: Hurricane Holly #9

Hurricane Holly #9 was made during the buildup of a significant East Coast Hurricane, with two Holly flowers, a four-petaled flower and a five-petaled flower, and with 9 quartz crystals surrounding it. This Holly essence empowers and balances all the forces of nature and the five elements within you to create the strongest clearing effects possible. Parasites, miasms, dark beings and genetic disturbances scurry and flee before it. Damaged cells are purged and you are left feeling clean and clear. If you suffer any de-tox symptoms while taking this essence, drink an 8-ounce glass of water with ¼ teaspoon salt (the higher-vibration the salt, the better: Himalayan, Pure Sea Salt, etc) up to three times a day. Traditionally, holly essence is used to heal and expand the heart chakra, and to alleviate anger and envy while generating acceptance.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Channeled Message for September, 2010 : A Time of Building Energies

This remains a time of building. Building energies, building strengths and expectations. While most of you are feeling like you are in a lull and not much is happening, in fact you are all storing up your energies while your inner selves fine tune their expectations. You are perfecting your selves. You are growing, expanding, in thought and in energy, so that when the time is perfect to move forward you will not crawl, you will not walk, you will LEAP!

Be at Peace. Be a builder. Be in Joy.


Monday, August 30, 2010

Burr Cucumber Essence for the Five Elements

Burr Cucumber is joyful and uplifting. It balances the five elements in your body and allows you to release your fears and stresses by bringing them to the surface where you can see them, acknowledge them and let them go. It is a light, airy essence that brings in fairies and feelings of joyful ease.

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Friday, August 27, 2010

Genetic Memory and "Junk" DNA

Dear Eden,

I believe strongly in genetic memory, not just of patterns and instincts, but specific memories built into the genetic code passed live from my ancestors.  I have accessed knowledge, skills, and recollections that I’ve later been able to affirm.  Also, in the native american tradition (among others), I have learned to rely on information “given” during dream time. I am curious what the mechanisms are by which information from earlier generations is stored.  Is it in our genes or in our brains? Does size matter in genes, and do our scientists really know how to fully measure their information content?  I wonder if genes might have a code, some type of homing device, that enables us to connect to some universally available information, that enables the brain to tune into that frequency.  I also wonder about the difference between prophetic material versus memory material versus other information that doesn’t seem to be either prophesy or memory.  In my experience, and that of others I know, each of these categories of information seem different, almost as if they have a different vibration.  We recognize those thoughts that are prophetic as uniquely different.  It’s been a lifelong question for me, as I’ve been accessing this information and having affirmations since I was in college.  
Thanks for shedding some of your light on this Eden,

Dearest F.,

Genetic memory is termed so because it is just that: genetic. Your DNA holds locked within it so many memories, so many secrets, that your science and reasoning cannot begin to detect or understand. The DNA of all living things shares many many strands. Do you know why this is so? We will tell you: it is because it holds within it the very instructions for translating the non-physical into the physical, all the history of all the living organisms that have ever, ever been on your planet that slowly and surely evolved into you, all the remnants of Source. All of you. You are truly ALL ONE.

This is the reiki symbol, the dot in a circle. This is its meaning: you are all one. It unlocks all your genetic potential, all your cellular potential, all your oneness and uniqueness at the same time. It unlocks ALL the power within the ONE. The dot within the circle represents so many things and you all know and recognize it. It is the basis for all life: both the sun, and the cell. Both the egg and the atom. If holds all within it. All one. All one. All one.

Your scientists call this DNA junk. You humans are so inclined to throw away everything that you do not understand, tossing it aside, instead of simply letting it be and waiting for the day when you can and will understand it. And that is OK. It is your world, to create as you will. But know that there is NO thing in your body that is junk. No part that is not needed. Nothing obsolete. Nothing irrelevant. All is used. All is relevant. Yes, your appendix. Yes, your gall bladder. Yes, your emotions, your reason, your junk DNA, your symbiotic bacteria. Everything matters. Everything.

Ultimately, your DNA holds all the information. You can access it individually through your brain, but if you knew the proper way to read and understand this part of DNA (this is far, far off, because it is not something that is expected or believed in yet by your scientists) you would not need the brain – you would translate directly from the DNA. Your pituitary gland holds the key to unlocking all your memories, while your pineal gland allows you to actually activate your imprints, your potentials, your manifestational realities.

Do different sources of information hold different vibrations? Yes and no. You assign them different vibrations so that you may hear their voices. Just as you all sound different, and yet you are all one. It is merely a mechanism that you have created so that you can differentiate between the source of your source material, because at this time it matters to you where information comes from. Ultimately, it is all one. But yes, you can have information from your head, and your higher self, and your old selves, and from us. We have been and remain one energy, but are all presenting differently. Just as each skin cell in your body is one DNA signature, but one is here, and one is there, one is a brown freckle, and one is not.

As far as a homing sequence: you are creating more work for your selves! ALL information is available to you at ALL times, in whatever way you desire. As with everything else, you must first desire to access this information. Then you must believe that you can, and expect that you can. Whatever method works to get you to this state of being, that is how you will be able to access your information. But really, all you have to do is want it and know you can do it. Actually believe it – not just think you could maybe sometimes somehow do it if you are very lucky or in the right place at a special moment.

You ARE blessed. You are. You really really are.

Know it. Be it.

You can do it.


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Feeling lost in your heart chakra...

Dear Eden,  I feel sad - I feel lost &  paralyzed by my love and ----i dont know what to call it? How do I know if I should power through growing pains or give up? Thanks, G.

Dear one,

You are all heart. You are so wide open and full of love, you feel as if you will burst. Your heart chakra is wide, wide open, you have no walls, no sheilds, no barriers, and you are filled with Christ energy. And yet you hurt. You wonder, how can this be so? How can I feel so good, and yet so bad at the same time? The pain stems from an unwillingness to release your past pains, your past traumas. You still harbor old wounds that are affecting everything you think and believe at this time. It is time to release them. It is time to forgive ALL that has gone before, so that you can receive ALL that is coming now. You feel the pain of all the world coming in to you, because your heart is open yet your mind is filled with judgements and opinions. Let it all go. Allow your self to feel the love you know, the love you harbor. Forget the pain that surrounds you. Ignore the pain that others are feeling, the cries of the hungry, the woes of the ocean. This is not your pain. These are not your woes. Allow yourself to float above. If you have to, turn off the TV for a month, remove yourself from news services and the chatter of others. Be in yourself. You are happiest when you are surrounded by beauty and quiet -- find places that will put you in the middle of it. Be in nature. Get some energy work. Join some healing circles, go to a museum, an outdoor classical concert. Just lie on your back and stare at the clouds. You are one with the world. Let in the joy. Let the suffering go. It does not belong to you. It is not your pain. We do  not want you to power through anything, or give up anything. We want you to just be at peace. Be in the moment, and be at peace, at one with your true self.

You ARE blessed. You are OK. It will all work itself out, focus on the good, and the rest will follow.

Blessings, blessed one.