Saturday, May 15, 2010

Does excess weight have any meaning?

Eden, Does excess weight have any meaning? Some say that excess weight is a protective layer or that it creates some deliberate limitation to optimum well-being or manifestation?  Thanks, P.

They all correct, in a way. There are different levels and one main reason for excess weight. Excess weight is always stored by the body when it feels that there is reason to fear a lack of energy in the near future. In some cases, excess weight remains because one has drained their power supply so drastically, on such a long-term regular basis, that their body tries to store extra power (for extra weight can be consumed when needed) in an effort to do what they have not. On new parents, the weight appears because the body knows that there will be energy needed give off to the new child. In this era, when more fathers are helping energetically and emotionally with child-rearing, the fathers too are gaining weight during pregnancy. Because fear in the body is a main cause of excess weight gain, one must first begin to lose the weight, and thus their fear, before optimum manifestation or well-being can occur: fear in the body is the problem. Not the weight.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Multi and Single Tasking

Dear Eden, I have been interested in the idea of single purpose-ness, instead of multi-tasking. What is the value in this? Thanks, J.

The value in single-tasking is that you are focusing all your will and intent on one idea or thought, and so you are empowering it with a clearer, greater burst of energy. This gives the thought a greater chance at becoming full reality, than if you are multi-tasking and not focused anywhere. However, there are different ways of multi-tasking. One can multi-task by doing many things for short bursts of time, focusing intently on each one at the time, this is the same as single-tasking. The key is to be aware of what you are thinking while you are doing something: for your thoughts and your actions should be as much in tune as possible for the greatest success.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

On getting older...

Eden, I am getting older and feel I will never finish all I want to do. Do you have advice for me?

You feel as if you are rushed, as if you have to get this work done before you retire or before you finish this life. This belief will not help you finish your work any faster, or any better. You will never finish your work, for there will always be more you want to do. There will always be more that you can do. Your reality has been designed this way by you on purpose, so do not feel badly, and when you feel you are running out of time, remember that there is no such thing as time, except as a tool to help your elemental body translate the energy around you into a physical reality. You have all the time in the world, because you are all the time in the world. There is nothing you can dream of that you can not do, and there is nothing you can desire that you do not have time to achieve. And if you decide you want to come back in another life so you can “have time” to do more, you will. Let go, and enjoy your time.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Integrating new chakras: a dream and a meditation

Dear Eden, I have had dreams about being knocked off balance, objects missing their tip, and finding lizards without their heads and tail -- what do they mean? Thanks, P.

The dreams all carry the same message: your crown and root chakras are out of balance with the rest of your body. They are, so to speak, cut off. They are as if they have been removed from your body, so shut down are they. Lizard is coming to you because it actually wants you to build a new root chakra for yourself, rather than reactivate your old one: just like a lizard can and does, so do you have this chance to create and integrate new chakras into your physical being. Anyone can integrate new and improved chakras into their being this way, at this time. A simple meditation begun with the following intention is all that is needed to begin the process:

“I intend to build and integrate new and improved root and crown chakras into my physical, mental, etheric, light and energy bodies. These new chakras will work more efficiently and at a higher level of vibration than the chakras they are replacing. They will allow me to integrate more of my own soul energy into my physical existence, more source energy, and more light, for my highest good and the good of all. Any adjustments which need to be made will occur easily and effortlessly while I am sleeping.”

Congratulations! You are choosing evolution, creation and growth, and only good things can come of it!

You are blessed.


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hathor, Mother of Creation

Dear Eden, Hathor came to me last night and spoke to me of creation. Can we speak of that here? Blessings, M.

The great mother goddess Hathor is the ultimate creator. She is shown with two cow-horns on her head, and a sun disc between them. But this is not how these things were always known. She did not become associated with cows until much later in her god-hood, and yet the horns were always there. The horns are not animal parts, but are physical manifestations of the two-pronged approach to CREATION. These two prongs are WILL and INTENT. Without both, there can be no purposeful creation. The “sun disc” between them, is the manifested energy of creation as it takes form, as it becomes. It is a THOUGHTFORM, a thought or idea become reality. One way to help understand this is to visualize the exhibits at a science museum, where they show two metal rods inches apart, and send electricity up between them. Bzzt. It climbs back and forth, upwards between the rods and is released into the atmosphere. Bzzt. So it is with the act of purposeful creation. Thoughts are energy. Your thoughts, channeled up and out through the top of the head with strong will and directed intent, become reality. WILL + INTENT + THOUGHTFORM = CREATION.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Mountain Laurel & Clematis Flower Essences

What do Clematis and Mountain Laurel Flower Essences do? What are they good for?

Clematis Flower essence fights tumors and growths in the body, and distortions of the mind. Ill thoughts, depression, and corruption all benefit from Clematis. Clematis opens the higher chakras in short bursts, re-aligning them with their soul-purpose as they are cleansed. The mental and etheric bodies also benefit from Clematis, allowing miasms and karmic and genetic distortions to be re-programmed and wiped clean.

Mountain Laurel blocks geopathic stress and encourages resilience. It is the essence to use during epidemics and disasters to heal the heart and strengthen the psychic shield. It brings in the protection of the angels. Anytime one is in a new situation and needs a little boost of confidence, this a good essence to use. Wonderful for children or animals suffering from separation anxiety or feeling bullied others.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

A channeled message for May 2010, about the Solar System, the Oil Spill in the Gulf, and the Planet

Dear Eden: Do you have a message for us this month?

Ooooh yes. This month is delicious and wondrous. Great leaps are being made forward in your Solar System by all the beings who dwell there, the angels and devas, the fairies, the planetary spirits and the physical and non-physical beings. People are shifting their realities very quickly. This is working well for most of you. As time speeds up and the buffer zone of time contracts between your thoughts, your desires, and the manifestation of those thoughts, most of you are getting what you want that much faster. Some of you are getting the things you do not want with sudden speed, too: the upside is that these unwanted situation will also dissolve and resolve quicker, too.

Many of you are worries about the ecological disaster in the gulf, and we would like you to know that it was planned by the consciousness of your planet and the people on the planet, to assist you all in shifting away from your use of fossil fuels and towards the development of new energy technologies. Climate change is an elusive concept for most, and not very stimulating, but tangible, dirty damage to ecosystems that you can see and quantify without dithering is a much greater catalyst for you humans to enact change. Do not worry about the animals, for they too entered into this plan with goodwill and intentions, and are willing to play their own parts in the shifting of the planet. They are well, and will continue to be well, no matter what state you perceive them to be in.

Hurrican season will start earlier this year, and there will be a great storm soon, but again, do not worry or fear, for these are just the natural cycles of cleaning and clearing for the earth.

You are all blessed. You are all ONE with source, and we are ALL-ONE with you.

In love,