Saturday, October 30, 2010

A channeled message for November 2010: There is Nothing to Fear

This month is all about fear. Fear to fight against, fear that others will try to conquer and fear that others will try to conquer you with. Do not be afraid! Fear is emerging on a mass conscious level so that you may all identify it, name it, and move on. A fear that is named loses much of its power. Release. Release. 

The time of joy is coming. Oh wait, no, the time of joy is here!   

Just let go of your fears and you will see it all spread before you like diamonds in the sky.

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Healing Books are on Sale all month!

Looking for the perfect book for a loved one or just wanting a good book to help you spiritually expand? Check out these wonderful healing tomes by Maya and Sandra Cointreau chock full of metaphysical and holistic healing advice.

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Natural Animal Healing
Energy Healing for Animals & Their Owners
To The Temples: 14 Guided Meditations
Equine Herbs and Healing
Grounding and Clearing: Being Present in the New Age