Friday, April 30, 2010

Do we need to worry about the estrogenic compounds or other potential toxins in plastics?

You have surrounded your bodies with many items that are not healthy for your bodies. Some day, this will not be so. But you have always been surrounded by various unhealthy things, and slowly, you figure it out. When you discover something is not good for you, the logical thing to do is either to eliminate its vibration from your vicinity, or to alter its vibration. You can intend for layers of your etheric shell, or aura, to be a filter or shield. When you intend or visualize this enough times, it will eventually become part of yor vibrational reality. Therefore, you can alter your etheric shell to become a more effective toxic screen around your physical and energetic body, so that nothing can reach you without being cleansed of its own toxicity. You can also use the old way of blessing your food and water and utensils with prayer or incense before you eat to purify their energy. For all things are energy, including chemicals and toxins, and can easily be transmuted through the proper intentional manipulation of said energy.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The value of EFT

Is EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) a useful tool for me to use to create abundance? I find it intriguing, but I am not sure about how I feel about the negative phrase phase of tapping.

EFT is just another tool, but it is a very good tool for making your body feel loved and helping your affirmations penetrate all levels: spirit, mental, physical. The negative tapping can be left out if you wish, but it can be more effective with the negative tapping. In general, you are right, negative statements should be avoided at all costs: but here you are reprogramming from the negative to the positive, and your body knows that. The key is for your positive affirmations to be accurate and fully positive. The positive always outweighs the negative. Do not forget to be joy-full while you are tapping!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dizzy Earth Spins

Eden, I am dizzy today and yesterday -- what is going on?

The dizziness is from earth shifts – you are shifting with the earth, fast, rapidly, moving and spinning and you are evolving and you can feel it. You are getting new chakras, all new, faster spinning ones. Whhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~~!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Chemtrails and Global Warming

What is up with contrails/chemtrails left by airplanes in the sky the nicest days, causing first lines, and then a haze? What about Global Warming?

Ah yes, the trails in the sky. You have worried about them quite a bit, and your friends too. They are not anything major to worry about, we say. Your government is trying to slow global warming and also sometimes it sprays them to help cover up parts of the earth so satellites from other countries cannot see what it is doing. There are many secret operations. They are all very silly. There is nothing in these chemtrails that will hurt you or your children. They are not inoculating you against diseases or aliens.

You should also know that global warming does not pose a real problem to most of your people and species on the planet. Any species leaving the planet at this time is moving on to another planet for their continued evolution. All will be well

Global warming is not a problem for you where you are in the Northeast US. It will affect certain areas badly, and some animals will adapt and some will not. The climate you have on the planet is not the best climate you can have, merely the one you are most used to. The heat will level out, and more of the world will be like the tropics that your people flock to on their vacations. This is why: the planet is accommodating your desires for a leisurely planet. The hardships of the north, of the arctics, is not vibrationally compatible with the ease which you seek on your planet. The designation of the warming as a crisis is inaccurate, but good in that it spurs on your people to seek better ways of using and creating energy. Soon Free energy will exist within your reality, as it does in ours.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Global Warming and Endangered Species

Dear Eden,
My heart is sad to think about how global warming is changing the ocean temperatures and the food chain for its aquatic life, and how it is affecting the ice caps and the animals that live on the ice. And as I see development, I am always saddened to think of the loss of habitat for wildlife. Can you help me to see these changes more clearly and be more easy with the projections of some species experiencing major mortalities and possible extinction?
Light and Blessings, C.

You humans are so reactive, we enjoy watching you sometimes. It is very silly, and yet also sad to see that you forget so easily what you know in your soul-heart. Extinction is impossible. All exists for all time. You may not see it or feel it, but it is there. Just as every word you utter goes on for all time, so do the thought-forms and feelings of the animals, and so do ALL souls. Do you think that these animals are leaving without a choice? Do you think that they did not help create the world we live in? Again you humans give yourselves more power than the other beings on your planet. The earth is ascending. It is improving. Some species are choosing to end because the experience which they offer is no longer to be relevant on your sphere. Some species are choosing to move to another earth which is similar, but farther behind in its evolution, so that they can help there. Some species are moving ahead and holding the space on the new earth for the rest of you. And some species are simply choosing to move on to other experiences. All life is wild. All life is equal. You humans are tearing down plants and trees to be in your current experience, but new experiences which you can not imagine will blossom out of the manure you create from the dead.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Flying Dreams

Dear Eden,

My dreams of flying are so real and so often that I feel that I can fly. Many people say that flying is an out of body experience. But to me, it feels very different than projecting oneself out of the body on a journey to another place. I have not had the sense of flying during non-dream time, but I hold the belief that I can fly. Is there any value in trying to manifest flying in non-dream time? Light & Love, S.
There are as many ways of flying as you can think of. They are all valid and equal. Different people choose to fly different ways. Few choose to fly these days in your reality. This is all due to fear. You can fly if you want to, but it takes great belief and great expectation. There is value in ALL that you choose to manifest. No manifestation is more valuable than the next. Create and be joyful, that is what you came here to do. If flying will bring you joy there is great value in that. Flying in your reality would also show you the truth that you can create all that you wish to manifest. That belief would be more valuable than anything else.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Does the Cold really cause Colds?

Eden, Physicians generally say that people do not get sick from temperature changes and weather changes, but only from infectious agents. However, people around the world regularly experience becoming ill after experiencing changes in temperature and weather, and even from changes in settings. Is there any value in trying to manage the physical conditions around one, or to being very careful to dress according to the weather? Or is our attitude about well-being the key determinant to whether we experience illness from physical changes?

Reactions to “infectious agents” and weather are all dependent on the state of your physical, energetic and etheric bodies. When you are in a perfect state of being, on all levels, you can not get sick no matter what the infectious agent or setting is. If being cold makes you unhappy, it can also make you sick. If being hot makes you uncomfortable, it can also make you sick. If a strange hotel room is disturbing you mentally, you will also be disturbed physically. It is not so much your attitude about well-being, but your total state of well-being which determines how and when you experience dis-ease. If being dressed properly and being comfortable is important to your mental state, than you should definitely dress accordingly. If you are one of those beings who is comfortable in any state of physical being, then so much attention is not needed. One is not better than the other. It just is.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Otter as a Totem or Messenger

Eden, can you tell us about Otter as a messenger?
Otter is a social, not a solitary, animal. Otter is not just about playfulness, but also about having the ability to find, devise, and above all use, all the tools at one’s disposal. Otter never overlooks an opening or an opportunity. Otter swims easily with the current, floats when he wants rest, and can outswim almost anything with ease and joyfulness flowing through and around him. He is flexible beyond the physical, drawing on vast amounts of ethereal energy when he moves. What you humans interpret as “Joy” in the Otter’s being is actually his intense connection to Source Energy, and the feeling that such connection radiates. Because he is thus connected to source, he can flow in and out of reality, through water, earth and air. Energetically, Otter is of fire, not water, and connected to salamander energy. Hence, Otter is an alchemical totem, showing the permutative mixture of fire and water, the perfect mixture of the divine within the physical. Neither eclipses or smothers the other.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Candles and Orbs in the Sacred Grove

Honoring the elements.

The Spirit of our sacred hawthorn tree.
This Eastern White Pine makes a very fine tea.

Monday, April 12, 2010

About the different bloodtypes and RH factors

Is there a purpose for the different A, B, O, AB blood types? What do they mean?

The different blood types began at different times, as your scientists have seen. They are markers for the different levels of consciousness that humanity has achieved at different times. They do NOT show if people now are more or less evolved, more or less human, or an older or younger soul. They DO indicate what priorities the person begins with in this lifetime, the issues they will be most concerned with. O types will be learning lessons about provisioning for themselves and their families. They are here to focus on family life, on root chakra issues. Their most important lessons are about how to provide for themselves with grace and ease, and in turn help humanity evolve out of survival based existence and into a state of grace and joy. A types are the builders and engineers, the ones who are finding ways to organize whatever lessons humanity is learning at the time into a manageable reality. Their challenge is often to do this in a calm and easy manner, as they often feel as if they have the entire weight of humanity on their shoulders. B types are the ones who have come in to simply enjoy life, and to harmonize the other blood types together into a cohesive, happy, mass consiousness. Their challenge is to turn the illusions of sadness of those around them into joy, to purify mass consciousness without being tainted by the lower emotions. AB types are here to bring in new ideas and new lessons. They often feel like they are outcasts and on the fringe of society, because they hold a very different reality within them than that of mass consiousness. They are the map-makers. They often feel that they have arrived early, because in fact they have. Together, all the blood types are working to create a more evolved, conscious humanity. No blood type is more important or more evolved than another. They each hold a part of the key to the future.

What is the story behind RH- and RH+ blood? I’ve heard everything from stories about cro magnons, to reptilian aliens, to adam and eve…

RH- and RH+ blood represents the final splitting away of earth-humanity from its animal origins. Slowly, RH- blood is spreading. As the RH- blood becomes dominant, humanity will find itself to be less like the animal it has been, and will begin to have the abilities and characteristics of its extra-terrestrial fore-fathers, who are true humans. This is just another part of evolution, the continuation of man becoming its own species, and evolving to where it should be. At this time, there is no discernable difference between one who is RH- and RH+. The actual evolutionary changes will not be evident for hundreds of years. RH- blood at this time merely indicates the direction of mass evolution. RH+ blood holds as much ability for evolution and “special” abilities as RH- blood.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Poison Ivy: A Channeled History

A long time ago, poison ivy was considered a power plant. It was used by people throughout the Americas much like tobacco, smoked for hallucinations and healing ceremonies. As it gave the power to see the future, it was used wrongly, and because of it many battles were won and many died, and so the poison ivy transmuted itself to give rashes, so that it could no longer be used. It can not be smoked, or taken internally, in any form other than homeopathically. The more you have killed in your past lives, the more sensitive you are likely to be to poison ivy. Those who never killed are totally immune to it. It is not a punishment, but rather a booby trap. The more the wars of America rage, the more the ivy grows, and grows. It is good in this climate, and humans are encouraging its growth in preparation, to remind themselves in the future to kill less, and not at all.

Friday, April 9, 2010

How to Buy a Plant, The Eden Way

Dear Eden, Some people seem to have an ability to have wonderful plants in their homes, but my plants always look rather poorly? Is it simply a matter of them using better soil, more nutrients, just the right amount of soil, proper pruning, regular dividing and replanting, etc.? Or is it that they have an attitude toward the plants that really makes a difference? Thanks, L.
Did you buy the plants with joyful anticipation or with deliberate thought? Or, were these plants thrust upon you by the goodwill of others or on someone else’s advice? Did you carefully look between plants of the same species to see the one that created a smile in your heart? If you and the plants are not a good energetic match, they will leave you in the only way they can: by dying and returning in another seed somewhere else, to someone else. Light and water matter, of course they do, just as you need sleep and food, but if the plants were joyous they would survive even poor conditions.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

On finding and following your path:

Quiet yourself. Let yourself be at peace. See what comes into your minds eye. Where do you see yourself next? There is no wrong decision. As our channel, Maya, always reminds herself “You are always in exactly the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing.” We find it very amusing that you humans have to constantly remind yourself of what is such a basic truth. We are glad that you are beginning to REMEMBER this basic truth. We are even happier that you are beginning to LIVE this basic truth. This is not a test. There are no wrong choices. You have always done what is right, just as you will now choose what is right. Go forward, in joy, and at peace that you are on the right path, just as you have always been on the right path. There is nothing that you can think of that you are not allowed to do, that you should not do, that you must not do. All thoughts are an act of creation, all deeds are a manifestation of creation, and all creation is GOOD. You are good, you are whole, and it is TIME for you to be responsible to your own self and create what you desire. Communicate with your higher self, and be that kind of selfish. Higher-selfish. Greater-selfish. Perfectly-selfish. This kind of self-ish-ness will manifest in a way that will benefit you, and in turn, all of mankind, all of earth, and all of creation. Be open. Be ready. Good things surround you. Every day remind yourself to open to all the wonderful ways the universe is expanding to meet your desires. There is nothing you want that is selfish, there is nothing you can do that will harm another, there is nothing you desire that will not be good for you. All your desires are healthy, and are part of the blessed connection and One-ness you have with source. CREATE. LIVE. Be in JOY. These are your directives as a creative aspect of source. These are the reasons you are on your planet. Let your love pour out of you, and into your creations. Let it fill your days and your heart with joy and wonder, and drive you to experience the full-ness of life. Receive love, for you ARE love and what you are returns to you. Receive and BE in joy, for you are joy.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Building a Sweat Lodge

Dear Eden, I have been reading several books about sweat lodges and their construction and I don’t see that it's necessary to build it the way the Lakota or other tribes do it and I am wondering if a more modern construction with sauna stones will also work? I am of nordic descent, my ancestors also built sweat lodges, and I do not believe that it is a practice that only native american peoples are entitled to, or own. Thanks, M.
Dearest M.,

Intent is everything. The strength of your will and the intention behind it is all that determines the outcomes of your ceremonies. If you believe that you need a particular construction, than you will. If you do not, than you don’t. You create your reality and thus you can create a sweat however you wish. There is only your desire and will to take into consideration. If you need to do particular rituals to focus your intention, than by all means do them. Play with it. Enjoy it. The world is yours to do with as you will. Do not be beholden to another’s world, or their will.

Blessings, Eden

Monday, April 5, 2010

A conversation about reincarnation.

What can you tell us about reincarnation? Why do some religions and tribal cultures have reincarnation as core belief, while others believe there is only this one life?

Reincarnation is real, but not every one comes back to this planet. So for some, there is just this one life. Some leaders have found it beneficial to spread the idea that there is only one life because that helps people focus all their intent on this life, and be more ferocious in pursuing their dreams. Others have decided their tribes would be happier without the guilt and regret that can come from a bad decision that may ruin this one lifetime, and that when one know you are coming back again, there will be time to redeem oneself. Single actions become less important than holistic evolution. It does not matter what one believes, for there are only two goals for souls incarnating on earth: to help the earth and her beings evolve, and to practice the art of creation and physical manifestation. There are endless ways to partake in these goals, and almost all beings on earth are doing so with great success.

Is there any sequence, system, or criteria for whether one comes in as a person, animal, fish, insect, reptile, etc.? And would plants also be part of this concept of reincarnation?

Yes, yes, yes, any that is energy can hold the spark of a soul within. You can live within a rock for a time if you wish. Your soul energy can be anywhere in the universe that it desires. It is often in several places at once, and certainly it is never all here on earth. There are many systems for reincarnation, and some criteria, but they are self-imposed by souls. Some souls enjoy following rigid paths of ascent, or staying with classes of species on planets. Others bounce throughout the universe with little planning. To come to Earth, souls have to be accepted into mass consiousness by the sun, who is the overlighting angel of your system. If one does not have the desire to work on earthbound evolution or creative physical manifestation, then one does come to earth. There are other places where one does not have to apply. This is simply one “school” of thought, here where you live.

I believe that I sometimes experience genetic memory, and even have some skills that clearly don’t derive from any study or effort in this lifetime? I feel that I can differentiate from those memories that are genetic, versus those that are from past incarnations, versus knowledge provide through spiritual connection in real time. Is this reasonable? What can you tell us about genetic memory, versus memories from past lives and versus knowledge obtained from tapping into source knowledge? How can we optimize our knowledge through these various means?
All knowledge is one. Know with your heart, and you will know what is true and what is not, what is needed now, and what is not. Use your body’s physical clues. Does this knowledge make you feel good? Then it is good. Pay attention to your “gut” for it is your knowledge editor, bestowed upon you by your greater self so that you can find your way on earth.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Eden Speaks About Karma

We would like you to know that karma is not a binding system, that you can be as free from past lives and past injuries as you want to be. You can clear your karma with pure intent in an instant, with just a strong and simple statement of WILL. We would like you to know that you do begin each life with a fresh slate, and that your memories from other lives are just that, memories. They are not part of this present moment.

Release, and be free.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

All About Intent

Dear Eden, When you write about intent, I am confused. What is intent, what does it mean? Thank you for clarifying! X.

Intent, or will, is the most important thing you can learn in this lifetime. In any situation, your intent is always what will determine the outcome. When you are clear about what you want, and do not dwell on that which you do not want, you will always attract that which you do want. There is no difference between what you intend, or will, and what you receive. That which you fight against, you only make stronger: far better then, for you to focus your intent and will upon that which you do want. Know what you want, and then allow yourself to receive it. Expect to receive it.

Do not worry about how to make what you want happen. Just be clear in your heart about what you desire, and trust that the universe will help you manifest that desire in an easy and expedient manner.
Good books for to read about this are “You can heal your life” by Louise Hay and the “The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent” by Esther and Jerry Hicks and Abraham.

Do not focus on that which makes you unhappy. Do not participate in conversations which make you unhappy or fear-full. Change the direction of your thoughts and words towards the light, and the dark will recede. Do only those things that make you feel joy, love, and fulfillment, and you will soon see the world around you begin to change to meet your desires, and to bring you more joy.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Channeled Message for April, 2010

There is an awakening going on.

You know that.

Do you also know that everything you think you know is wrong? And do you also know that everything you believe is right? Do you understand that your concepts of right and wrong, good and bad, are not mutually exclusive?

ALL is one. ALL is the same. ALL is part of source. You still do not see that, you truly don’t.

And do you understand that lack of seeing, lack of understanding is OKAY?

You are in this world, right here, right now, to live! You are here now to be just as you are. Nothing you desire is bad. Nothing you hate is wrong. Everything is the same. This is why the Buddhists speak of detachment. This is why Christ tells you to judge not. Attachment, judging: these are a waste of time and of energy.

BE. Believe. Be alive! That’s it. That is the tall order of the day. THAT is why you incarnated.

Your experience, every little bit of it, is feeding source, fueling the creative power of all that is. Source wants you to want, source wants you to continue to desire and be joyful, for when you do, you are creating more of your self for you, for source, for all.

Be Alive.

Be in Joy.

You are One-der-full!