Friday, February 26, 2010

Working with the Fairies

Dear Eden,
I would like to work the fairies more closely. What is a good way for me to do this?
Thanks, C.

Dearest C.,

Working with the fairies is little different from working with the angels, your guides, or various gods. You merely need to ask for assistance, and they will rise to the challenge.

Fairies are part of the elements, of nature, and so they are all around you. With you, they were designed by Source to protect and nurture your physical reality. They are creative creatures, molding and directing energy on your plane at all levels, and so they are particularly well-suited to help you with manifesting your desires and dreams. They have no problem bringing creative thoughts into the physical realm as real and tangible results. So fear not, and have faith. That is the first requirement. The second requirement to working with fairies is that you do not abuse the natural world. Pick up trash, be kind to plants and animals, do not waste resources or pollute.

To ask your local fairies for help, go outside, or position yourself near a houseplant or crystal if you are indoors. Call on the fairies and state what you are wanting, and ask for their assistance. If you are a friend of the fairies, a friend of nature, they will joyfully assist you. Because they are part of the physical, they do appreciate physical gifts: leave the fairies a token of thanks, such as a shiny crystal or object, a floral candle, yummy treat (make sure you unwrap any candy or chocolate!) Then sit back, and allow yourself to believe that all will be well: that is your half of the work. If you feel the urge to do something nice for nature, do it right away: the fairies will be very appreciative: pick up trash on the road, donate money to an animal shelter, volunteer at a park. Soon you will see positive results.


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Channeled Message from the Flicker

Today I saw a beautiful yellow flicker with a red back of the head, if stayed in a tree flitting from branch to branch for over 30 minutes during a bit wet snowstorm. Gorgeous. Flicker is about change and evolution, the opening of the heart to show us new ways, and the powerful intuitive powers of the crown chakra, or messages from the divine. It shows us that new life and new dreams are emerging. Flicker parents keep a fastidious home, and I saw flicker just after tidying up and reorganizing our office and living room spaces. Flicker is also supposed to bring in renewed creativity, which is part of why I had been cleaning the office area, to allow room for more work to come in, and more psace for my artistic endeavors.

Beauty is all around us. What does Flicker have to say to all of us today?

Beauty is all around you. Open your heart, your mind, your eyes, and let the beauty of the physical world meld with the joy of Spirit that resides within you, and you will begin to create, create, create as you never have before. Creation for the sake of creation, creation for the joy of all creation, creation for the of being in the flesh and knowing the love of the world and of ALL that IS. Flit, flit, flit. Jump from project to project, creation to creation, never looking back and yet sometimes returning to where you were before. Being in the moment always, of the minute, and knowing that ALL that IS is ALL for YOU.

You are so blessed. You are so loved. Trust. TRUST. TRUST!! Believe that it is all for you, for truly it is. Beloved human, how we yearn for you to know and believe all this. It is the fullest truth of the verse.


Monday, February 15, 2010

Just BE it.

You can do anything you want. Anything you desire. Know what you want, feel it, breathe it, think it. Do not allow negative thoughts into your mind, focus only on the reality you want to create and it will be here soon enough. What you want is but a moment away from you. You always have more options than you know of, more possibilities than you can dream, more miracles to behold. Begin your journey. Take step after step, and your desires will unfold before you as a flower in bloom. As you do so, a new life, full of new desires, will unfold as well: this is life on earth, this is the way it should be. Be open to all possibilities, be joyful and positive, and the universe will return unto you tenfold what you dream of. ~Eden

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Breathing in the Garden: A Coughing Cure

Dear Eden, My mother has been coughing and feeling low on energy for several months now. The doctors have tried various medical approaches and diagnoses (viral infection, bronchitis, etc.) but she is still coughing and sleeping more and more. I am beginning to worry about her long-term health and what this is doing to her mental state to be ill for so long. What is going on? What can she do to get better? Hugs and blessings, V.

Dearest V.,

Your mother is settling well into her new life as a retiree, but because her heart chakra is consistently disconnected from her lower chakras, her lungs and throat are not well. She is tired because she is not grounded or drawing energy from her lower chakras as she should be, but relying merely upon her upper chakras, which cannot fuel the whole body effeciently. She needs to meditate and breathe through her feet. When she is in her sacred garden she should sit with her feet on the ground and breathe through her feet, as if she is one of the trees of the garden. If she finds this boring, as she tends to find all grounding exercises, she can also invite the fairy spirit and tree spirit of the garden to enter her body and fill her with their radiance. She will be well in no time if she makes this a nightly part of her routine. She should face east, for that is where she draws her energies best, and breathe through her feet for at least 5 minutes at a time.

She will be well, as are you.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Chickens in the Afterlife

Dear Eden, All our chickens were viciously attacked and killed by a racoon a few nights ago. They were freerange during the day, and after sunset we would close their coop so nothing could get in, but that night we didn't lock them up until 5 hours after sunset and they were all killed. I feel guilty and badly that they met such a violent end. Are they OK? Have they moved on? Why did this happen? In 5 years we have never had a racoon on our property, or any predators, but our dog passed on two months ago and now animals are coming around. I feel like I should have been more vigilant now that the dog is gone. Thank you, D.

Dearest D.

Your chickens are OK. They do not mourn the loss of their life. They enjoyed being chickens very much, and plan to be chickens again and again. They do not care so much where they are chickens again, though their experience with you has made them decide to be only on farms that allow pastured or free-range chickens from now on. They like being chickens, like laying eggs, like roaming and pecking. They are happy to be chickens now during this time of revolution in the farm industry.

Do not feel badly that they were not locked up, for they were happy in their relaxed atmosphere, and glad to be free so much of the time. They know that few others would have given them so much freedom, and were happy to trade freedom for risk of injury. They have already been reborn this very morning! So do not fret, they are happily cycling through another life where they will be free and joyful, and always in the moments. It was time for you to be chicken-less for a while, to make room in your life further on for more chickens, and more animals.

Blessings, Eden

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Channeled Message for February 2010

This month, we ask you to relax. We ask you to ride the waves of glory that are coming to shore. We ask you to be easy and free and full of joy. You are all beginning to feel the astrological and energetic influences that are raising the planetary vibrations this month, this season and this year. Do not become overwhelmed or whipped into a frenzy. Take time each day to breathe deeply and remember who you are. Remember what you want. Remember how you would like to BE. Relax. Be easy. And after you have breathed and relaxed and been let yourself be raised by the higher planetary vibrations. Let yourself crest the waves, and be invigorated, energized and reborn.

You are so blessed!

With all the love of ALL that IS ~ Eden

Monday, February 1, 2010

Messages from Eagle

Dear Eden, I have seen bald eagles twice this week soaring overhead. What is it trying to tell me? When I have seen eagle, I have been worrying about my next home or feeling badly/guilty about things. Thanks for any insight you can provide, B.

Dearest B.,

Eagle is coming to you this week to remind you to remain centered. Eagle is in your center – your animal of Spirit, the one that connects you Source. Eagle flies above you when you are worrying about things that you should not be worrying about: all has occurred as it should, all will be better than fine. All will be blessedly perfect. Eagle is showing you that you need merely ride the air currents to soar: just hold steady, relax, and let Source carry you to where you need to go.