Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A little about Mercury Direct this coming month

Get ready for action! The rhythym of the planets, or Astrology, is a physical tool that Source set up to help you navigate life on Earth. Yesterday, Mercury stationed direct after being in what was for many a particularly unsettly Mercury Retrograde period. So what now? Get ready to tie up loose ends and enact all those big dreams you wanted to put in motion last month, but just couldn't seem to quite get going as fast as you may have wanted. Because this is all happening in Virgo, work, health and relationships are the major issues to focus on. Clear away the old, and get ready for the new.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Message for October, 2009

This month will see a continuation of the shifting you have already begun. Most of you will be feeling more relaxed and settled than you were last month. You know that things are changing, and shifting, but you feel much calmer now. You are at peace most of the time. This is a wonderful feeling, is it not. Even in moments of nervousness, fear or sadness, you are feeling an overwhelming sense of calm that dowses your tensions. You wonder where this is coming from, and we tell you it is coming from a greater connection with your own soul, or higher self, and thus to Source Energy. Source knows no fear. Your soul knows there is nothing that can harm it or reduce the validity of its existence. Your true self knows that you are one with all, and that everything you do and feel is a joyous and beautiful extension of the creative energy of Source. That is why you hae come forth onto this planet to exist on a physical level: to Create, and to propagate Joy and Love. You are the best that this universe has to offer, and your physical selves continue to try and judge the best of the best, but there is nothing to judge. Just BE. Be in the flow of your self, of your joy, and BE at peace with all that you are. Every thought you think, every action you begin, feeds the spark of Source, of God, of the world itself. You are all connected, and there should be no judging. Do not fear the perceived distortions and negativity you sometimes see in your physical creations, for as your consciousness grows so does the love and joy on your planet, and all that you wish to experience, you can and will, and all that you do not wish to experience, you do not need to. Do not try to block others from their desired experience, for in doing so you will only bring their experience into your own. Focus on your own desires, your own joy, your own creation. Ask your guides and ALL THAT IS to fulfill your desires. Trust and allow the energy of Source to co-create with your OWN energy, all that you wish and hope for.

Be hopeful. Be Joy-FULL. Be Alive!

You are blessed. You are One. You are Loved.


Monday, September 28, 2009

Chest Cold Sweeping the Northeast

The feverless respiratory cold which is going around the Northeast US and rapidly spreading through schools and travel areas is actually a very, very mild form of the new flu. This “cold” has arisen in response to the overwhelming creative desire of the you, the people. Your mass consciousness has created your own healthy, no-need-to-be-tested, vaccine for the flu. This cold will make future cases of the flu you all fear even more mild than it has already become.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Be-ing in Joy

The most wonderful thing you can do for yourself in this life is to be in Joy. To enjoy. The more joyful you are, the more joy and abundance of fulfillment will manifest in your life. You know this already, we are not telling you something new, just something very very important. It would be best if you did not fall into patterns of fear and doubt, but as long as joy is the predominant emotion that you feel, the positive emotion will have a far greater effect on the manifestations you pull into your life than any negative emotions.

Life is a constant state of creation, and thus change. Each new accomplishment brings with it the desire to create and experience something new. This is what you came here to do. This is why you are here on earth. Do not fear this state of creation. Revel in it. Approach it like a game. What can you create next? It is sure to be beautiful. You are so loved, on so many levels. You are one with Source, and We support you in all things. Do not doubt that whatever you want most is forming, right now, right where you need it to be.


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A message for September, about the 9/9/9 September Alignment, the mid-month financial crash some have been predicting and the month in general:

Ah, our dear human channel. You almost did not ask about the predicted crash, because you know there will not be one. Do not worry about it. Your perception of your markets is increasing in positivity, and so they will continue to grow. There will be some new discoveries this month, and in the coming months, both technological and political. They will all bring change. The technological changes will bring in a new way of approaching energy and production, and much goodness on earth will emerge because of them. The political discoveries will unveil truths from the past, and there will be much healing because of it. Some anger and sadness as well, but in general humans will recognize that there is an unfolding of the goodness in the world because of these new truths. The 9/9/9 alignment is no more important than many alignments which have been occurring throughout the years. You have had many such alignments over the last few months – almost every day at times. And the alignments will continue to occur with increasing frequency, because the more aligned you become with Source, the more aligned you become with the process of alignment, and the more it happens. The number 9 signals that you are nearing a high state of alignment. Will you be completely evolved? Will you feel complete on all levels? No, of course not. Then you would actually be out of alignment with your purpose as an incarnated human, which is to be continually evolving and creating and growing and improving. There would be no reason for you to be on earth. In fact, if you felt that way, you would cease to be there, and would find yourself back in the realm of spirit most quickly. What this alignment will bring you is a real sense that you have “leveled up” and raised your mass vibration. It will be noticeable to every being on earth, that there is an increase in the rate of your vibration. And yet, you will feel much the same, as if you were always this way, because you have been having similar alignments throughout the summer, and even your life. Do not give up hope, lightworkers, for you light the way for the rest of humanity. The brighter you shine, the easier it is for the world to reflect your radiance. You are blessed. You are well. Your dreams are but an alignment away.

Blessings, Eden.