Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Meditating with the Mudras

Dear Eden,

What do you think of me meditating daily with the mudras? [Mudras are symbolic hand gestures used in spiritual practice to convey meaning or intent.] Is it a good idea? Do they really do anything, and is there something to be gained by using them every day?

Namaste, M.

The mudras are sensational tools – meaning they actually bring the physical (sensation) in contact with the divine spiritual, and merge the two. They allow you to focus intent in a very good way. As we have said before, anything which focuses intentions is useful, and the more something has been used, the more people it has been used by, the more powerful it becomes. Thoughts have mass, and when you bring them together they coalesce into something more powerful than they were when they were just one single thought. This is why group prayer is so powerful. This is why mass hysteria is so damaging. This is why chants used over and over over the centuries carry so much raw potential. In the same way, mudras have been used for thousands of years, the symbols have become as homing beacons for universal energy. Merely make the gesture of desire, and immediately the desire is being fulfilled.

Must you use them every day? Surely the longer you hold a thought, the more often you hold an intent, the stronger Source's response will be. But if it does not bring you joy, do not do it.
Meditate every day if you love it, if it is fun, if it challenges you in a way which makes your heart sing. When it becomes a chore, stop. And when you want to begin again, begin.

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