Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Message from the Deva of the Hummingbird Kingdom

The Deva of the Hummingbird has a message. Do not be afraid of starting small. Small things often have more power and stamina than large things. Small things can burst into action and be full of life faster than large things. Small things are full of vigor, and joy, just as large things are, and you can grow a small thing into a large thing as easily as a large thing into a larger thing. Seeds are small, but within mere hours or days they can transform into powerful, growing plants that are more than 10 times their size. Know that anything small can do this, just as we the hummingbirds can fly farther than any other in relation to our size. Small things have the ability to hover, stationary, and take off at great speed. Do not be afraid of small things.

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