Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Summer Message

This is the fruited time of the year, in your half of the planet, and the animals and plants are singing in joy. Why do you humans not join them? Why do you not also raise up your voices and your hearts and sing? The answer is simple: you have removed yourself so much from this aspect of living, that you no longer see it. You go to your large supermarkets and stores, and you do not know where things come from, or when. The availability of produce and product is a wonderful abundant lesson for humanity, but it also has its darker side: you have forgotten what joy there is the abundance of nature and of the fruitful times, and so you do not know anymore what the feeling is that you are trying so hard to recreate on a daily basis. You came far from the fields to the cities and markets so that you would always feel this fruitful feeling, and now you have lost it. In order for humanity to reach its next level of evolution, this feeling must be regained. You must remember what this feeling is. We would say to those who will hear us: regain this feeling. Pick strawberries. Wander in fields and in parks. Watch the birds rejoicing. Connect with your greater selves, with your souls, and ask them to help you recreate this feeling. Ask the devas and overlighting angels of your areas to send you all the fruitful lessons of joy and grace that they can, and to help you lift your spirits. Be well. Be in Joy.

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