Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Channeled Message for July, 2010 : STOP and BE!

STOP. Stop everything you are doing. It is time to take stock of your every movement. Your every moment. Your breath. Your mind. Your thoughts. Your deeds. Your actions. Your beliefs. Take stock now. Stop living mindlessly. You are all so so so busy that you have lost your selves among the chatter and the isolation of your mindless minutes. Spend time with yourself. Spend time with your SELF. With your family. Pay attention to what you are doing. Your every thought and deed are creating every aspect of your reality. That which you focus upon multiplies. Feel hurried? You will be more hurried tomorrow. Get off the wheel, and take a look at your life from another angle. You will be surprised.

Some of you think you are already doing this. OK. Now do it MORE! Be you, more! Be busy, less. Be stressed, less. Be mindless, less.

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  1. This is such simple, yet powerful advice. From a former workaholic who now strives for simplicity and joy... I urge others to get out of the rat race and slow down. You might be very pleasantly surprised at how much clutter you can cut out of your life... while feeling your level of joy rising and rising.


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