Monday, July 5, 2010

Food and Gratitude

I'm one of these people that eats while standing, driving, walking, as part of my crazy multi-tasking zoom-zoom behavior.  Some say that blessing food before eating makes it vibrationally more valuable and supportive to the body.  Others say that expressing gratitude for the food and visioning it as leading to a perfectly healthy body of perfect weight will eventually help the body to reach its optimum state.  What does Eden advise as a practice or ritual of prayer before eating. 

When you run around eating in this manner, food is a hindrance to your flow of zooming. Food is not appreciated. Food is the enemy. Here, for you, this is why eating creates disharmony in your body. Blessing the food before you eat, sitting while you eat, these are merely tools: actions through which one may indicate appreciation for food. You can eat while you run: but you must appreciate the food. You must bring the food into your vibration. If you do not appreciate your food, you bar it from being vibrationally aligned with you, and when you bring it into your body, this creates spiritual and physical tension, which results in cellular mis-creation, which results in fat, diverticulitis, inflammation, indigestion, and a host of other possible physical signs of disharmony.

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