Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Partridge Pea Flower Essence from Storm King, New York

What is the action of the flower essence, Partridge Pea from Storm King?

This is a very special essence which combines the natural benefits of Partridge Pea with the empowered earth and ley line energy from Storm King Park. The energies at Storm King have been enhanced by the man-made sculptures that adorn it, that celebrate it. Partridge Pea from Storm King asked to be made into an essence to show that it is possible to be both sensitive and strong, open and protected at the same time. This is an essence that widens the corridors of communication between Nature and Man, devas and reason. Trying to see fairies or plan a new garden in harmony with nature? Looking to become more at peace with the Earth? Partidge Pea is the essence for you.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Summer Message

This is the fruited time of the year, in your half of the planet, and the animals and plants are singing in joy. Why do you humans not join them? Why do you not also raise up your voices and your hearts and sing? The answer is simple: you have removed yourself so much from this aspect of living, that you no longer see it. You go to your large supermarkets and stores, and you do not know where things come from, or when. The availability of produce and product is a wonderful abundant lesson for humanity, but it also has its darker side: you have forgotten what joy there is the abundance of nature and of the fruitful times, and so you do not know anymore what the feeling is that you are trying so hard to recreate on a daily basis. You came far from the fields to the cities and markets so that you would always feel this fruitful feeling, and now you have lost it. In order for humanity to reach its next level of evolution, this feeling must be regained. You must remember what this feeling is. We would say to those who will hear us: regain this feeling. Pick strawberries. Wander in fields and in parks. Watch the birds rejoicing. Connect with your greater selves, with your souls, and ask them to help you recreate this feeling. Ask the devas and overlighting angels of your areas to send you all the fruitful lessons of joy and grace that they can, and to help you lift your spirits. Be well. Be in Joy.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Message from the Deva of the Hummingbird Kingdom

The Deva of the Hummingbird has a message. Do not be afraid of starting small. Small things often have more power and stamina than large things. Small things can burst into action and be full of life faster than large things. Small things are full of vigor, and joy, just as large things are, and you can grow a small thing into a large thing as easily as a large thing into a larger thing. Seeds are small, but within mere hours or days they can transform into powerful, growing plants that are more than 10 times their size. Know that anything small can do this, just as we the hummingbirds can fly farther than any other in relation to our size. Small things have the ability to hover, stationary, and take off at great speed. Do not be afraid of small things.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Is the Phoenix Rising? Eden Talks About Mary Summer Rain & No Eyes Prophecies

Dear Eden, I was reading prophecies by No-Eyes from the 80’s which talk of many disasters to befall the earth and humanity. Some seem to be happening now, such as layoffs, foreclosures and weather patterns. She says many times that there is no changing what she saw. Is this true? What do you say of our future? Thanks so much! I.

No-eyes was an old woman of the old ways. She had great sight, and great heart. She saw the future clearly and accurately from her perspective in time. But she was very incorrect when she said that each event she saw would definitely happen, and that the future would not change. The future changes all the time. There is no true “future” to see as you humans think of it, only the present, and the present possibilities or likelihoods. At the time she prophesied, No-Eyes saw her present possibility more clearly than any other psychic of the day. But HER present possibility is not YOUR present possibility. Humanity has created a whole new host of present possibilities. Most are much more favorable to survival and JOY than hers were. Humans worldwide are bringing in more joy every day. Some areas of the world are not excelling at this, but they are trying to catch up, and those that do not will simply fall behind, and fall away.

Is the phoenix rising? Is the earth shifting? Is humanity evolving into a new reality? Yes, yes, YES! There will still be new wars and some accidents as no-eyes spoke of, but the days of mass Armageddon have fallen away to the past, and now much smaller losses of life are expected by those that watch the earth. And we see that every day those too are shrinking. Life is improving. Often you humans take a step back for every two steps forwards, but still, you are progressing. All is well.

Do not fear your future. Be in joy NOW, and you will be joy-full forever.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Channeled Message for June, 2010

There is no end. There is no tomorrow. There is only now. Stop living for the future, for without attention to the now, you have no future. You will go nowhere. You will do nothing. You will advance none of what you are yearning for. See the beauty around you. Feel the beauty of the moment. There is so much for you to appreciate. About your self, about your friends, about your work, about your government, yes, even that. There is so much good in your lives. Let yourselves see it. Now let your selves FEEL it. Open your heart and learn to trust again. Trust that you are OK. Trust that you are in the right place, right now. Only then can your future be something that you determine.

You are one with Source. Source is answering your every need, your every dream. Let it in. See how source surrounds you. See how you are loved.