Sunday, June 5, 2011

Energetic Attachments in Loving Relationships

Dear Eden,
Why is it so hard for me to give my lover space so we can work through some issues? I miss him terribly.
Thank you, P.

Dear One,

Aside from the issues you are both working on, there is another element of your relationship that you must address, which is the energetic attachment you are experiencing. During this time of separation you must learn to gather your energy from within your self, by connecting to Source and the Earth on which you live. Both through grounding exercises and through extending the reaches of your aura you can connect to these energies and better fuel your soul and body.

As a child, as most humans, you were taught to disconnect from your natural energy sources and to rely upon your parents and other love/care-givers for energy fulfillment. As you grew, you transferred this energy drawing to your peers, particularly those to who you felt a strong love bond. This is not unique nor should you feel bad about this – it is merely the way it has been with Humans for thousands of years, and part of what human evolution is ultimately striving to correct. So now you are addicted to your lover's energies. They have been removed from you and you feel tired and upset. If you use this time to focus on gathering more energy from the sources we have spoken of, you will feel much better and be able to process your own evolution more swiftly and efficiently. Be in nature. Sit in meditation. Balance your chakras, expand your aura. Connect to ALL that IS.

You are whole. You are blessed. We love you.


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