Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A message for September, about the 9/9/9 September Alignment, the mid-month financial crash some have been predicting and the month in general:

Ah, our dear human channel. You almost did not ask about the predicted crash, because you know there will not be one. Do not worry about it. Your perception of your markets is increasing in positivity, and so they will continue to grow. There will be some new discoveries this month, and in the coming months, both technological and political. They will all bring change. The technological changes will bring in a new way of approaching energy and production, and much goodness on earth will emerge because of them. The political discoveries will unveil truths from the past, and there will be much healing because of it. Some anger and sadness as well, but in general humans will recognize that there is an unfolding of the goodness in the world because of these new truths. The 9/9/9 alignment is no more important than many alignments which have been occurring throughout the years. You have had many such alignments over the last few months – almost every day at times. And the alignments will continue to occur with increasing frequency, because the more aligned you become with Source, the more aligned you become with the process of alignment, and the more it happens. The number 9 signals that you are nearing a high state of alignment. Will you be completely evolved? Will you feel complete on all levels? No, of course not. Then you would actually be out of alignment with your purpose as an incarnated human, which is to be continually evolving and creating and growing and improving. There would be no reason for you to be on earth. In fact, if you felt that way, you would cease to be there, and would find yourself back in the realm of spirit most quickly. What this alignment will bring you is a real sense that you have “leveled up” and raised your mass vibration. It will be noticeable to every being on earth, that there is an increase in the rate of your vibration. And yet, you will feel much the same, as if you were always this way, because you have been having similar alignments throughout the summer, and even your life. Do not give up hope, lightworkers, for you light the way for the rest of humanity. The brighter you shine, the easier it is for the world to reflect your radiance. You are blessed. You are well. Your dreams are but an alignment away.

Blessings, Eden.

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