Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Channeled Message from the Flicker

Today I saw a beautiful yellow flicker with a red back of the head, if stayed in a tree flitting from branch to branch for over 30 minutes during a bit wet snowstorm. Gorgeous. Flicker is about change and evolution, the opening of the heart to show us new ways, and the powerful intuitive powers of the crown chakra, or messages from the divine. It shows us that new life and new dreams are emerging. Flicker parents keep a fastidious home, and I saw flicker just after tidying up and reorganizing our office and living room spaces. Flicker is also supposed to bring in renewed creativity, which is part of why I had been cleaning the office area, to allow room for more work to come in, and more psace for my artistic endeavors.

Beauty is all around us. What does Flicker have to say to all of us today?

Beauty is all around you. Open your heart, your mind, your eyes, and let the beauty of the physical world meld with the joy of Spirit that resides within you, and you will begin to create, create, create as you never have before. Creation for the sake of creation, creation for the joy of all creation, creation for the of being in the flesh and knowing the love of the world and of ALL that IS. Flit, flit, flit. Jump from project to project, creation to creation, never looking back and yet sometimes returning to where you were before. Being in the moment always, of the minute, and knowing that ALL that IS is ALL for YOU.

You are so blessed. You are so loved. Trust. TRUST. TRUST!! Believe that it is all for you, for truly it is. Beloved human, how we yearn for you to know and believe all this. It is the fullest truth of the verse.


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