Tuesday, March 2, 2010

How can I inspire others to change?

Dear Eden, I am yearning to change certain aspects of my life, but my family is resisting change and I am getting tired putting on a good show for their benefit, while I wait for them to want what I want. I have chronic back pain, and would also like to release that. What should I do? Thanks, D.

Dearest D.

You are so blessed, and we want you to know that, feel it, believe it. Your chronic backpain is linked to the issues you are having with your family, and with all those you care about. You have the mistaken belief that you are there on Earth to take care of others. No no no. That is not the way. That is not why you incarnated! You went into the physical wanting to inspire and lead, to be on Earth at an exciting time of spiritual expansion and technological wonderment. You were excited to be able to always radiate your own creative, joyous light to all those you know and love so that they could do the same right back to you.

You are that person. You do do that. But at some point you began to believe that not only must you radiate your own light, but that you must be responsible for the light of others as well. This self-imposed responsibility has created a heavy weight upon your shoulders, the more-so because you cannot ever possibly fulfill it. You CANNOT be the light of others. You cannot be responsible for their own creation of joy and light. You simply cannot. Each must make their own light, joy, creative happiness, love, etc. You are taking on too much now!

The only way to release your pain is to release your burden. Stop worrying about carrying others on your back. Let them carry themselves. Hold hands if you like, but only so long as you are not dragging them along, nor they you. This goes even for your pets. ALL beings have free-will. All beings must be responsible for their own reality: for their own health, wealth and well-being.

The first step to change is what we call “the opening.” Open your mind and heart to all possibilities. Then imagine the reality you wish you were living. You can be very specific, or more general. Put yourself “out there” and be ready for whatever may come. Do not think about the problems you have, only their positive aspects: possible solutions! See what happens. You are a miracle maker. You can do whatever you want. Spend some time looking and imagining the various possibilities, and soon opportunities will begin to present themselves. When you find what you want, allow yourself to be excited about it and put things in motion. Don’t wait for others to have a breakthrough – have your own. They will be swept along with your enthusiasm and joy as they watch you create something truly magnificent.
You know what you want. You know what to do. What is holding you back is the false idea (false, because you do not believe in it, but yet you are living it) that you must subjugate your light for the good of those around you. That’s not helping anyone. Let your light shine, not to cheer up others, but to cheer up you! Let your light blaze forth not because you are forcing it, but because you are so full of joy you can’t possibly hold it back!

You are ready for change. Be it. Do it. Breath it.

You are ready.


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