Saturday, May 15, 2010

Does excess weight have any meaning?

Eden, Does excess weight have any meaning? Some say that excess weight is a protective layer or that it creates some deliberate limitation to optimum well-being or manifestation?  Thanks, P.

They all correct, in a way. There are different levels and one main reason for excess weight. Excess weight is always stored by the body when it feels that there is reason to fear a lack of energy in the near future. In some cases, excess weight remains because one has drained their power supply so drastically, on such a long-term regular basis, that their body tries to store extra power (for extra weight can be consumed when needed) in an effort to do what they have not. On new parents, the weight appears because the body knows that there will be energy needed give off to the new child. In this era, when more fathers are helping energetically and emotionally with child-rearing, the fathers too are gaining weight during pregnancy. Because fear in the body is a main cause of excess weight gain, one must first begin to lose the weight, and thus their fear, before optimum manifestation or well-being can occur: fear in the body is the problem. Not the weight.

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