Saturday, May 1, 2010

A channeled message for May 2010, about the Solar System, the Oil Spill in the Gulf, and the Planet

Dear Eden: Do you have a message for us this month?

Ooooh yes. This month is delicious and wondrous. Great leaps are being made forward in your Solar System by all the beings who dwell there, the angels and devas, the fairies, the planetary spirits and the physical and non-physical beings. People are shifting their realities very quickly. This is working well for most of you. As time speeds up and the buffer zone of time contracts between your thoughts, your desires, and the manifestation of those thoughts, most of you are getting what you want that much faster. Some of you are getting the things you do not want with sudden speed, too: the upside is that these unwanted situation will also dissolve and resolve quicker, too.

Many of you are worries about the ecological disaster in the gulf, and we would like you to know that it was planned by the consciousness of your planet and the people on the planet, to assist you all in shifting away from your use of fossil fuels and towards the development of new energy technologies. Climate change is an elusive concept for most, and not very stimulating, but tangible, dirty damage to ecosystems that you can see and quantify without dithering is a much greater catalyst for you humans to enact change. Do not worry about the animals, for they too entered into this plan with goodwill and intentions, and are willing to play their own parts in the shifting of the planet. They are well, and will continue to be well, no matter what state you perceive them to be in.

Hurrican season will start earlier this year, and there will be a great storm soon, but again, do not worry or fear, for these are just the natural cycles of cleaning and clearing for the earth.

You are all blessed. You are all ONE with source, and we are ALL-ONE with you.

In love,


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