Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hathor, Mother of Creation

Dear Eden, Hathor came to me last night and spoke to me of creation. Can we speak of that here? Blessings, M.

The great mother goddess Hathor is the ultimate creator. She is shown with two cow-horns on her head, and a sun disc between them. But this is not how these things were always known. She did not become associated with cows until much later in her god-hood, and yet the horns were always there. The horns are not animal parts, but are physical manifestations of the two-pronged approach to CREATION. These two prongs are WILL and INTENT. Without both, there can be no purposeful creation. The “sun disc” between them, is the manifested energy of creation as it takes form, as it becomes. It is a THOUGHTFORM, a thought or idea become reality. One way to help understand this is to visualize the exhibits at a science museum, where they show two metal rods inches apart, and send electricity up between them. Bzzt. It climbs back and forth, upwards between the rods and is released into the atmosphere. Bzzt. So it is with the act of purposeful creation. Thoughts are energy. Your thoughts, channeled up and out through the top of the head with strong will and directed intent, become reality. WILL + INTENT + THOUGHTFORM = CREATION.

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