Friday, April 30, 2010

Do we need to worry about the estrogenic compounds or other potential toxins in plastics?

You have surrounded your bodies with many items that are not healthy for your bodies. Some day, this will not be so. But you have always been surrounded by various unhealthy things, and slowly, you figure it out. When you discover something is not good for you, the logical thing to do is either to eliminate its vibration from your vicinity, or to alter its vibration. You can intend for layers of your etheric shell, or aura, to be a filter or shield. When you intend or visualize this enough times, it will eventually become part of yor vibrational reality. Therefore, you can alter your etheric shell to become a more effective toxic screen around your physical and energetic body, so that nothing can reach you without being cleansed of its own toxicity. You can also use the old way of blessing your food and water and utensils with prayer or incense before you eat to purify their energy. For all things are energy, including chemicals and toxins, and can easily be transmuted through the proper intentional manipulation of said energy.

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