Friday, April 9, 2010

How to Buy a Plant, The Eden Way

Dear Eden, Some people seem to have an ability to have wonderful plants in their homes, but my plants always look rather poorly? Is it simply a matter of them using better soil, more nutrients, just the right amount of soil, proper pruning, regular dividing and replanting, etc.? Or is it that they have an attitude toward the plants that really makes a difference? Thanks, L.
Did you buy the plants with joyful anticipation or with deliberate thought? Or, were these plants thrust upon you by the goodwill of others or on someone else’s advice? Did you carefully look between plants of the same species to see the one that created a smile in your heart? If you and the plants are not a good energetic match, they will leave you in the only way they can: by dying and returning in another seed somewhere else, to someone else. Light and water matter, of course they do, just as you need sleep and food, but if the plants were joyous they would survive even poor conditions.

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