Sunday, April 25, 2010

Chemtrails and Global Warming

What is up with contrails/chemtrails left by airplanes in the sky the nicest days, causing first lines, and then a haze? What about Global Warming?

Ah yes, the trails in the sky. You have worried about them quite a bit, and your friends too. They are not anything major to worry about, we say. Your government is trying to slow global warming and also sometimes it sprays them to help cover up parts of the earth so satellites from other countries cannot see what it is doing. There are many secret operations. They are all very silly. There is nothing in these chemtrails that will hurt you or your children. They are not inoculating you against diseases or aliens.

You should also know that global warming does not pose a real problem to most of your people and species on the planet. Any species leaving the planet at this time is moving on to another planet for their continued evolution. All will be well

Global warming is not a problem for you where you are in the Northeast US. It will affect certain areas badly, and some animals will adapt and some will not. The climate you have on the planet is not the best climate you can have, merely the one you are most used to. The heat will level out, and more of the world will be like the tropics that your people flock to on their vacations. This is why: the planet is accommodating your desires for a leisurely planet. The hardships of the north, of the arctics, is not vibrationally compatible with the ease which you seek on your planet. The designation of the warming as a crisis is inaccurate, but good in that it spurs on your people to seek better ways of using and creating energy. Soon Free energy will exist within your reality, as it does in ours.

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