Thursday, April 15, 2010

Otter as a Totem or Messenger

Eden, can you tell us about Otter as a messenger?
Otter is a social, not a solitary, animal. Otter is not just about playfulness, but also about having the ability to find, devise, and above all use, all the tools at one’s disposal. Otter never overlooks an opening or an opportunity. Otter swims easily with the current, floats when he wants rest, and can outswim almost anything with ease and joyfulness flowing through and around him. He is flexible beyond the physical, drawing on vast amounts of ethereal energy when he moves. What you humans interpret as “Joy” in the Otter’s being is actually his intense connection to Source Energy, and the feeling that such connection radiates. Because he is thus connected to source, he can flow in and out of reality, through water, earth and air. Energetically, Otter is of fire, not water, and connected to salamander energy. Hence, Otter is an alchemical totem, showing the permutative mixture of fire and water, the perfect mixture of the divine within the physical. Neither eclipses or smothers the other.

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