Sunday, April 18, 2010

Does the Cold really cause Colds?

Eden, Physicians generally say that people do not get sick from temperature changes and weather changes, but only from infectious agents. However, people around the world regularly experience becoming ill after experiencing changes in temperature and weather, and even from changes in settings. Is there any value in trying to manage the physical conditions around one, or to being very careful to dress according to the weather? Or is our attitude about well-being the key determinant to whether we experience illness from physical changes?

Reactions to “infectious agents” and weather are all dependent on the state of your physical, energetic and etheric bodies. When you are in a perfect state of being, on all levels, you can not get sick no matter what the infectious agent or setting is. If being cold makes you unhappy, it can also make you sick. If being hot makes you uncomfortable, it can also make you sick. If a strange hotel room is disturbing you mentally, you will also be disturbed physically. It is not so much your attitude about well-being, but your total state of well-being which determines how and when you experience dis-ease. If being dressed properly and being comfortable is important to your mental state, than you should definitely dress accordingly. If you are one of those beings who is comfortable in any state of physical being, then so much attention is not needed. One is not better than the other. It just is.

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