Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Flying Dreams

Dear Eden,

My dreams of flying are so real and so often that I feel that I can fly. Many people say that flying is an out of body experience. But to me, it feels very different than projecting oneself out of the body on a journey to another place. I have not had the sense of flying during non-dream time, but I hold the belief that I can fly. Is there any value in trying to manifest flying in non-dream time? Light & Love, S.
There are as many ways of flying as you can think of. They are all valid and equal. Different people choose to fly different ways. Few choose to fly these days in your reality. This is all due to fear. You can fly if you want to, but it takes great belief and great expectation. There is value in ALL that you choose to manifest. No manifestation is more valuable than the next. Create and be joyful, that is what you came here to do. If flying will bring you joy there is great value in that. Flying in your reality would also show you the truth that you can create all that you wish to manifest. That belief would be more valuable than anything else.


  1. Or, The only thing we need to fear is fear itself :)

  2. OMG i fly often in my dreams and it is so better than real life. and in real life sometime i feel i can realy fly.

  3. I believe you can fly -- I have a very clear memory of flying for just a few seconds when I was a young girl. It was windy and I just sort of leapt up and hovered parallel with the earth for a minute or so.

    We can all fly. We just need to remember how.


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