Monday, April 5, 2010

A conversation about reincarnation.

What can you tell us about reincarnation? Why do some religions and tribal cultures have reincarnation as core belief, while others believe there is only this one life?

Reincarnation is real, but not every one comes back to this planet. So for some, there is just this one life. Some leaders have found it beneficial to spread the idea that there is only one life because that helps people focus all their intent on this life, and be more ferocious in pursuing their dreams. Others have decided their tribes would be happier without the guilt and regret that can come from a bad decision that may ruin this one lifetime, and that when one know you are coming back again, there will be time to redeem oneself. Single actions become less important than holistic evolution. It does not matter what one believes, for there are only two goals for souls incarnating on earth: to help the earth and her beings evolve, and to practice the art of creation and physical manifestation. There are endless ways to partake in these goals, and almost all beings on earth are doing so with great success.

Is there any sequence, system, or criteria for whether one comes in as a person, animal, fish, insect, reptile, etc.? And would plants also be part of this concept of reincarnation?

Yes, yes, yes, any that is energy can hold the spark of a soul within. You can live within a rock for a time if you wish. Your soul energy can be anywhere in the universe that it desires. It is often in several places at once, and certainly it is never all here on earth. There are many systems for reincarnation, and some criteria, but they are self-imposed by souls. Some souls enjoy following rigid paths of ascent, or staying with classes of species on planets. Others bounce throughout the universe with little planning. To come to Earth, souls have to be accepted into mass consiousness by the sun, who is the overlighting angel of your system. If one does not have the desire to work on earthbound evolution or creative physical manifestation, then one does come to earth. There are other places where one does not have to apply. This is simply one “school” of thought, here where you live.

I believe that I sometimes experience genetic memory, and even have some skills that clearly don’t derive from any study or effort in this lifetime? I feel that I can differentiate from those memories that are genetic, versus those that are from past incarnations, versus knowledge provide through spiritual connection in real time. Is this reasonable? What can you tell us about genetic memory, versus memories from past lives and versus knowledge obtained from tapping into source knowledge? How can we optimize our knowledge through these various means?
All knowledge is one. Know with your heart, and you will know what is true and what is not, what is needed now, and what is not. Use your body’s physical clues. Does this knowledge make you feel good? Then it is good. Pay attention to your “gut” for it is your knowledge editor, bestowed upon you by your greater self so that you can find your way on earth.

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