Monday, April 12, 2010

About the different bloodtypes and RH factors

Is there a purpose for the different A, B, O, AB blood types? What do they mean?

The different blood types began at different times, as your scientists have seen. They are markers for the different levels of consciousness that humanity has achieved at different times. They do NOT show if people now are more or less evolved, more or less human, or an older or younger soul. They DO indicate what priorities the person begins with in this lifetime, the issues they will be most concerned with. O types will be learning lessons about provisioning for themselves and their families. They are here to focus on family life, on root chakra issues. Their most important lessons are about how to provide for themselves with grace and ease, and in turn help humanity evolve out of survival based existence and into a state of grace and joy. A types are the builders and engineers, the ones who are finding ways to organize whatever lessons humanity is learning at the time into a manageable reality. Their challenge is often to do this in a calm and easy manner, as they often feel as if they have the entire weight of humanity on their shoulders. B types are the ones who have come in to simply enjoy life, and to harmonize the other blood types together into a cohesive, happy, mass consiousness. Their challenge is to turn the illusions of sadness of those around them into joy, to purify mass consciousness without being tainted by the lower emotions. AB types are here to bring in new ideas and new lessons. They often feel like they are outcasts and on the fringe of society, because they hold a very different reality within them than that of mass consiousness. They are the map-makers. They often feel that they have arrived early, because in fact they have. Together, all the blood types are working to create a more evolved, conscious humanity. No blood type is more important or more evolved than another. They each hold a part of the key to the future.

What is the story behind RH- and RH+ blood? I’ve heard everything from stories about cro magnons, to reptilian aliens, to adam and eve…

RH- and RH+ blood represents the final splitting away of earth-humanity from its animal origins. Slowly, RH- blood is spreading. As the RH- blood becomes dominant, humanity will find itself to be less like the animal it has been, and will begin to have the abilities and characteristics of its extra-terrestrial fore-fathers, who are true humans. This is just another part of evolution, the continuation of man becoming its own species, and evolving to where it should be. At this time, there is no discernable difference between one who is RH- and RH+. The actual evolutionary changes will not be evident for hundreds of years. RH- blood at this time merely indicates the direction of mass evolution. RH+ blood holds as much ability for evolution and “special” abilities as RH- blood.

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